Importance of Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Post-surgical physiotherapy is an essential and cost-effective phase of the recovery process after surgeries. It helps to re-build the patient’s physical strength, flexibility, and increase the physical capacity. Post-surgical Physiotherapy is the easiest, quickest and safest way to get back into your daily activities.

A Physiotherapist will observe your function after surgeries. A Physiotherapist’s assessment may include the following :

  • Pain Evaluation
  • Swelling & Joint Range of Motion Review
  • Balance & Mobility Status

Patients undergoing post-surgical physiotherapy have got quicker recovery and higher pain relief.

How Post-Surgical Physiotherapy helps a speedy recovery :

  • Allow patients to get well from surgery as rapidly and safely as possible
  • Optimizes strength, flexibility and range of motion, endurance and stamina
  • Prevent post-surgical difficulties
  • Make suggestions to patients about managing their long term recovery process after surgery
  • Provide powerful and cost-effective well-being care management based on the individual needs of the patient
  • Effective return to the routine work and your earlier level of physical capacity
After injuries when people start feeling better and get back in their daily routine, there’s the highest probability of re-injury. So, post-surgical physiotherapist will suggest safe exercises that will assist you to get strong without harming the area where you had surgeries. Wyndham Physio will recommend post surgical treatments such as :
  • Individually customized Hands-on treatments.
  • An exercise based treatment regime to guarantee the best result from your strategy.
  • Recommend a home practice program.
  • One-on-one treatment sessions.
  • Follow up sessions with your specialist to monitor recovery.

Wyndham Physio has trained professional Physiotherapists who will design specific treatment plans according to the patient’s complications after surgical procedures.

For more information about our special post-surgical physiotherapy programs, you may browse our website or call our physiotherapist. So, if you are looking out for Physiotherapy in Tarneit or Hoppers Crossing Physiotherapy, get in touch with us.