Informed Consent and Office Policy

 Please read  & tick the  boxes below


Treating Practitioner means: Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

  • Your treating practitioner may ask personal questions relating to your injury. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular question, please let the treating practitioner know and they will cease.

  • During the examination and treatment, you may be required to remove your clothing and it may be necessary for your treating practitioner to make physical contact. Wherever possible, contact will be made using a towel or other forms of screening.

  • In order to provide you with safe and effective treatment we may need to share your health related information with person(s) or organization directly or indirectly involved in your care. By ticking the consent box you agree with us to share your health and personal information when required with others involved in your care. Other than this your personal information collected will be stored securely and shared only as per Australian Court of law requirement.

  • As with all forms of treatment, there are risks and benefits with physiotherapy/exercise physiology treatment and techniques. The treating practitioner will discuss any foreseeable risks with you prior to administering treatment. In some cases, you may be asked to read information related to a particular treatment and you may be requested to sign a further consent form. This is to ensure that you fully understand any risks involved.

  • You need to let us know The risk related to some treatments can increase if the treating practitioner is not aware of certain facts. Please inform the treating practitioner if you are pregnant, if you have- A pacemaker or heart condition, suffered from blood clots, thrombosis or stroke, Suffer from diabetes, blood related disorder, any infective disorder or epilepsy and if you are currently taking any medication for any medical problems.

  • Remember that healing and recovery takes time and not everyone recovers at the same rate. Any time if you feel that you are not responding as expected we would expect you to discuss this with your treating practitioner.

  • Fee for private patients are due at the time of service. Eligible Work cover, Medicare and DVA patient accounts will be sent directly to the appropriate organization. To achieve maximum results, we ask that you schedule your appointment in advance & keep your recommended action plan to this schedule.

  • Hydrotherapy; for liability insurance purposes, your entry & exit to the hydrotherapy centre limited to the time when a Wyndham staff is at the premises. This is also applicable to all our other group therapy programs.

    Trigger point dry Needling Consent

    Trigger point dry needling (TDN) involves placing a small needle into the muscle at the trigger point in order to cause the muscle to contract and then release, improving the flexibility of the muscle and therefore decreasing the symptoms.

    TDN is a valuable treatment for musculoskeletal pain.  Like any treatment, there are possible complications.  While these complications are rare in occurrence, they are real and must be considered prior to giving consent to treatment.

    Risks of this procedure:

    The most serious risk associated with TDN is accidental puncture of a lung (pneumothorax).  If this were to occur, it may likely only require a chest x-ray and no further treatment. The symptoms of shortness of breath may last for several days to weeks.  A more severe lung puncture can require hospitalization and re-inflation of the lung.  This is a rare complication and in skilled hands should not be a concern.

    Other risks may include excessive bleeding (causing a bruise), infection and nerve injury.  Bruising is a common occurrence and should not be a concern unless you are taking a blood thinner.  As the needles are very small and do not have a cutting edge, the likelihood of any significant tissue trauma from TDN is unlikely. Please consult with your practitioner if you have any questions regarding the treatment above.